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Euphony's goal is to provide relief and joy to older adults in long time care facilities such as nursing homes through music. In this pandemic, it is no longer possible for musicians to play live at these facilities because of the risk of infecting residents. Through Euphony, student musicians residing in Louisville will be able to play music for nursing home residents virtually. 



The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected all of us, but it especially has changed the lives of nursing home residents. The virus poses a greater risk to the lives of older adults than the rest of the population, so nursing homes have to follow certain measures from the CDC to protect their residents. While these measures are necessary, they have left many older adults in isolation. Euphony seeks to aid these older adults by providing them with high quality videos of young musicians performing. 

Changes in Resident Life


Many nursing homes have stopped family visitors to their residents at the risk of the virus's transmission. Only under very rare circumstances may visiting occur.  

Summer Family Dinner
Group Activities

The CDC has advised that all group activities be cancelled at nursing homes at the risk of the virus spreading. These activities even go as far as to include group dining. 


All nonessential health personnel are not allowed to visit nursing homes per the CDC's guidelines. Because of this, students are unable to physically visit residents and play music live. 

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