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eighth note and two 16ths.png
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1:4 note.png
eighth note and two 16ths.png
eighth note and two 16ths.png
eighth note and two 16ths.png

How to 


Learn about how you can specifically help nursing home residents feel less isolated through your musical abilities. Regardless of age, instrument, or musical ability, you can choose to make high quality videos of your pieces for their enjoyment. Now, you can give back to your community while staying safe at home. 

recording videos

Young musicians wishing to volunteer should submit videos of their performances to the website through our email For the sake of quality control, there are certain guidelines set for each video. 


Participants must show their face and most of their instrument, if not all, in the submitted video.


Participants should be dressed appropriately in performance attire typical of that worn to a recital. 


Videos can contain multiple pieces, provided that the video's length is at a maximum of 10 minutes long. 


Videos should be submitted as MOV files, which is commonly used for videos recorded on smartphones by emailing


Videos will be reviewed by music teachers and students associated with Euphony. An email will be sent to you confirming that your video has been added to the gallery.


Videos can be submitted through the form attached on this page.

Want to view your video? Check out our music gallery by clicking below!

Video Submission Form

Thanks for submitting!

Have more questions? Contact us via email or fill out our question form so we can help you. 

Question Form

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